“The First European Hub for Medical 3D Modeling”

This project aims to improve learning/teaching methodology by using 3D models and applications, creating novel training curriculum using technology in a worldwide. One of the targets of this project is to produce novel 3D medical models and applications that is adequate for beginning and even intermediate trainees such as medical students and residents.

MedTRain3DModsim is an European Union Project

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Project Management

Project Partners of MedTRain3DModsim

This project will be carried out transnationally because of  the applicant organizations have radiological database for both living humans and cadavers in order to construct simulation techniques and they have experience on related workshops, courses, symposium and congresses experience . Each country and center has its own leading experience related to intellectual outcomes

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Intellectual Outputs

Learning - Teaching - Training Activities (LTT)

The achievement of the project objectives is related to the learning, teaching and training activities. These activities will be designed for medical students and residents in some special fields like urology and general surgery. These activities will have parts of theoretical and practical session. In these activities, we will use 3D medical models (printed version and VR) that is one of our outcome during the project. The added value of these activities will be evaluated by standard questionnaire form and psychometric analysis.

LTT Activities

  • Last 5 days, 10 person for each day

  • Have standard training program

  • Include standard clinical anatomy questionnaire, filled by participants. At the end of the training session with 3D models, the form will be re-filled, standard psychometric analysis will be performed.

  • Include kidney, collecting system, bladder, prostate, pelvic floor muscle with ligaments and fascial layers, perineum, liver, stomach models that will be modelling using 3D technology with appropriate materials, and tools

  • Use real patient or cadaveric radiologic (CT scans) data to harvest models

  • Use open, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical instruments

Objective & Subjective Values of LTT Activities

  • Creating standard educational methods with 3D medical models, and we can upgrade and modify the models due to the feedback  from training sessions for the future plans

  • Adapting 3D models and applications to the medical training curriculum and resident training plan

  • Having an experience with training using novel materials

  • Internationalization of 3D Medical applications, optimizing the models

  • Dissemination of training models to all medical fields.

1st Set - Standard Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS for stone disease) + Urinary Tract Surgical Anatomic Approach ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models / VR simulation)

2nd Set - Standard Open/Laparoscopic Nephrectomy /Partial Nephrectomy + Urinary Tract Surgcical Anatomic Approach ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models / VR simulation)

3rd Set - Standard Cystoscopy + Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TUR-B) + Transurethra Resection of Prostate (TUR-P) + Urinary Tract Surgical Anatomic Approach ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models / VR simulation)

4th Set - Standard Pelvic Anti-incontinence Surgery (Transobturator Route, Retropubic Route) + Pelvic-Perineal Deatiled Anatomic Approach ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models / VR simulation)

5th Set - Standard Prostatectomy Surgery (anatomic approach for radical technique) + Periprostatic Intrapelvic Surgical Anatomy ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models)

6th Set - Standard Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery (detailed sacral anatomy) ( Models: cadaver/3D Printed models)

Training Sets

1st Set - Standart models tumors of abdominal organs (3D Printed piglets,large animals/VR Simulation)

2nd Set - Standart models of Tumors in complex anatomical situations (3D Printed piglets, large animals/VR Simulation)