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Alberto Paoluzzi

Alberto Paoluzzi is professor of Computer Science with the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Roma Tre University. Currently teaches Parallel and Distributed Computing, and Computational Algebraic Topology, and leads the CVD (Computational Visual Design) Lab, previously CAD-PLM Lab. He was associate professor of Computer Science with La Sapienza University of Rome from 1983 to 1993, and professor of Computer Aided Design with the Department of Informatics and Automation of Rome Tre from 2000 to 2012. He was working on graphics, geometric and solid modelling in Italy since the last seventies, and leaded the design and development of several geometrical systems, including the first solid modeler on a personal computer in 1985, and the geometric language PlaSM in more recent years.

His Lab collaborated with several research groups in USA, including IBM Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, to the development of advanced modelling, visualisation and simulation tools. Alberto Paoluzzi was the recipient of a Nato grant, a grant from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of Cornell University, and received the SUR (Shared University Research) Award in 2003 from IBM Corporation, for the first time in Italy, with donation of the CAD-PLM Lab to Roma Tre. 

He was awarded several times the TJO fellowship from ICES (the Institute of Computational Engineering and Sciences) of the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently collaborating on a IEEE-SA project for standardisation of model extraction from 3D medical images, and on a NIST project for integration of SysML diagrams with computable topological and geometrical information represented as (co)chain complexes. 

He was a founding member of a physical security spin-off of Roma Tre, working on 3D data extraction from fusion of sensor signals, with a grant from the Italian Ministry of Research. He is a member of SIAM, ACM, the IEEE Society for Computing and the Italian Chapter of Eurographics. He was editor of Computer-aided Design journal and Computer-Aided Design and Applications. Authored 3 books, and more than 120 peer-reviewed papers on international journals and conferences.

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